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Starting Dates of Scheduled courses 2022


 18/4, 2/5, 16/5, 30/5, 20/6, 4/7, 18/7, 8/8, 15/8, 5/9,  19/9, 3/10, 17/10, 31/10,  28/11, 12/12.

Only 1-4  students per course/group aðeins 1-4 nemendur í hverjum hóp/námskeiði!

Also Special Icelandic for Thais, Vietnamese and Chinese. Sérnámskeið:

Íslenska f. Tælendinga, Víetnama og Kínverja.

Also Special courses for Health Personnel.

Einnig Sérnámskeið fyrir Heibrigðisstarfsfólk/Enska fyrir Leiðsögumenn

Icelandic for Guides.

* 4 weeks x 5 workdays  AM & PM/f.h&e.h    or/eða

* 10 weeks/vikur x Sat/Sun/lau/sun. AM & PM/f.h&e.h.

Price/Verð: 49.500 – Courses: Mornings/Afternoons/Evening All Year

Labour Unions pay back/refund  50-90 % of course price. Stéttarfélög

endurgreiða 50-90% námsgjalds.

ff@icetrans. is –

IceSchool-Fullorðinsfræðslan ehf.

Street Address: Ármúli 5. 108,

Ph/s. 354- 8981175 / 354- 5571155.

Course fee/price 9 april 2022  is ISK 49.500,- around: EUR 360 USD 410 –
can be paid into the Icelandic account: 115-26-9560 kt/ID No. 680109-0360 Fullorðinsfraedslan-IceSchool.

Or: Payments from abroad: SWIFT: NBIIISRE – Bank Account: IBAN IS89011526009560 6801090360

E-mail: –
All courses are normally 4 weeks x 5 days per week and around 80 minutes per day. The number of students in every course is only from 1-4.

Our main courses are in Icelandic, English, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish for foreigners and Icelanders. I

These are our most popular courses going on non-stop all year.

FURTHER  INFORMATION for course dates is for the time being is easiest to get by phone 354-8981175 or e-mail as some changes are being done on the housing/accommodation in the year 2022. There are still courses all year and courses are starting at least every 4 weeks all year. During the changes of our premises/accommodation we have only 1-4 students in every class.   We offer multiple classes for foreigners and settlers in Icelandic, along with classes in English and Norwegian, Swedish and Danish for Immigrants and foreigners and special courses in English for foreigners and English for Absolute Beginners.

Depending on demand we have general courses from time to time in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish I, II and III as well as specialized courses in the same languages for Medical Staff as well as Icelandic for Medical Staff, nurses, nurse assistants and physicians/medical doctors. See also Course Schedules section.



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