Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Icelandic for the Health Sector/Health Straff: for personnel in the health sector,

English for adults.

Price: Icelandic kronur 49.500,- and EUR 370 or USD 405 for each course/level. Each course is 4 week long with lessons every 5 working days of the week and 80 minutes per day.


Icelandic for foreigners and settlers.
English for foreigners and settlers.

Price  kr. 49.500: for students in Icelandic for foreigners and English for foreigners..

Each course/level is 4 weeks with lesson every 5 workdays of the week.

Please Note: Most trade unions like for example the big unions Efling and VR reimburse/payback from 75-90% of the course fees for their active/working members. Students/employees need each and everyone to check their rights with their trade union and apply for a repay of a part of the course fee after having first paid the course fee to the school.

The rights to payback of each and every student/employee depends on how long he or she has been working and been a member of a trade union and paid his/her union fees and whether he/she has applied before and how much the stdent has been earning. Payback is normally 75-95% of school fee and 100-130 thousand per each year.
Private tutoring

Price languages kr 6.500,- per 80 minutes

Please use the contact page to register for classes or private lessons or e-mail
and you can always phone mobile 354-8981175 or landline 354-5571155.