Learning Method

A New Revolutionary Learning Method in Languages:

“The Inter-Lingual Learning Technique”

           developed by  IceSchool-Fullordinsfraedslan language School

The method has been developed since the start of th school or nearly 30 years and has proved its usefulness many times over. The method works in a simple way with the advanced method of the Inter-Lingual Learning Technique with the phonetics of English, Icelandic or other Western or Indo-European Languages. The method enables us to grasp much more clearly the connection between those languages as well as their common background as indeed their long term development towards each other, as a result of ever increasing interaction and exchange, between countries, people and languages and therefore the common and united  future of these languages as well as the people that speak them. This in turn enables the students to master the language all the more easily and make the learning process much more basic and tangible and the language and the way it works understandable and under your control and command.

In other words we make use of what we know from our own mother-language and apply it to a new language. This technique applies to all languages but has as yet been particularly developed to deal with European, Western and Indo-European languages. The method has a functionalistic and holistic approach and studies causes and effects in the language which makes it all the more possible to understand and easier to learn. This method has proved to be a more practical method and gives the students effective tools to deal with learning languages.

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